Pensions Europe Conference 2019

Recent news

PensionsEurope calls on Europe to shift gears in pensions

PensionsEurope’s brochure “Europe needs to shift gears in pensions” contains PensionsEurope’s policy recommendations for the EU’s next 5-years programme by highlighting why supplementary pensions matter, and why and how EU policy needs to support supplementary pensions. It e.g. stresses that the EU should support the development and strengthening of supplementary pensions. Pension system design is a matter of national competence, but the EU should act as a facilitator to exchange information and best practices on how to ensure the long-term sustainability and adequacy of pension systems.

The brochure also contains various concrete proposals for the new EC. For instance, based on the outcome of the EC’s fitness check on the supervisory reporting, we expect concrete actions from the new EC. Furthermore, we invite the EC to include in its next 5-years programme our proposal on an EU tax register of recognised pension institutions. You can find our press release here.

PensionsEurope publishes a brochure on supervisory reporting requirements for pension funds which are fit for purpose

PensionsEurope’s brochure on supervisory reporting discusses appropriate reporting requirements for pension funds. It stresses that relevant and comparable information about pensions in Europe is needed, but the requirements need to be fit for purpose, as all costs will ultimately be paid by pension fund members and/or any associated plan sponsor (the members’ employer).

Pension funds are, first and foremost, institutions with a social purpose active on the financial markets. Therefore, they cannot be compared directly to financial institutions such as banks and insurers. A one-size-fits-all approach to applying European legislation and supervisory requirements to pension funds would be detrimental as it would not consider the heterogeneity and complexity of the different combined first and second pillar systems.You can find the press release here.

PensionsEurope welcomes the European Parliament’s plenary approval of the trilogue agreement on PEPPs

Today the European Parliament adopted the text of the trilogue agreement on the EU Regulation on a Pan-European Personal Pension Product (PEPP). PensionsEurope welcomes the agreement reached by the EU legislators as we consider it well-balanced and meaningful.You can find our press release here.