About PensionsEurope

PensionsEurope represents national associations of pension funds and similar institutions for workplace and other funded pensions. Some members operate purely individual pension schemes.

PensionsEurope has 24 member associations in 18 EU Member States and 3 other European countries.

PensionsEurope member organisations cover different types of workplace pensions for over 110 million people. Through its Member Associations PensionsEurope represents more than € 4 trillion of assets managed for future pension payments. In addition, many members of PensionsEurope also cover personal pensions, which are connected with an employment relation.

PensionsEurope also has 29 Corporate and Supporter Members which are various service providers and stakeholders that work with IORPs.

PensionsEurope has established a Central & Eastern European Countries Forum (CEEC Forum) to discuss issues common to pension systems in that region.

PensionsEurope has established a Multinational Advisory Group (MAG) which delivers advice on pension issues to PensionsEurope. It provides a collective voice and information sharing for the expertise and opinions of multinationals.


What PensionsEurope stands for

  • A regulatory environment encouraging workplace pension membership;
  • Ensure that more and more Europeans can benefit from an adequate income in retirement;
  • Policies which will enable sufficient contributions and good returns;


Our members offer

  • Economies of scale in governance, administration and asset management;
  • Risk pooling and often intergenerational risk-sharing;
  • Often “not-for-profit” and some/all of the costs are borne by the employer;
  • Members of workplace pension schemes often benefit from a contribution paid by the employer;
  • Wide-scale coverage due to mandatory participation, sector-wide participation based on collective agreements and soft-compulsion elements such as auto-enrolment;
  • Good governance and alignment of interest due to participation of the main stakeholders.