PensionsEurope welcomes Barnier's decision to postpone new solvency rules for IORPs

23 May 2013 - European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services Michel BARNIER said today that solvency-rules should be an improvement for the pensions sector, rather than a punishment. Due to the large diversity in pension systems in Europe, it is impossible to develop good rules that fit all systems in the short term and more research is needed. Consequently, the European Commission will only propose rules for transparancy and governance for IORPs in the fall. Press release

PensionsEurope warns impact study insufficient for pensions overhaul

14 May 2013 - PensionsEurope today issued its position paper on the preliminary results of the Quantitative Impact study (QIS). PensionsEurope reiterates its concerns about the Holistic Balance Sheet approach and states that the QIS cannot serve as a basis for an IORP II Directive Proposal. Moreover, PensionsEurope calls for a clear and reasonable new timetable for the whole revision process. Position Paper / Press release.

PensionsEurope welcomes Swedish Tjänstepensionsförbundet as new member

22 April 2013 - Today, Tjänstepensionsförbundet, the Swedish Occupational Pension Fund Association, joined PensionsEurope. The decision was taken during the General Assembly Meeting in Vienna. You can find the press release here.