PensionsEurope and ITN Productions Industry News announce new programme “Investing in the Future.”

PensionsEurope is delighted to announce a new partnership with ITN Productions Industry News to create a news-style programme #InvestingintheFuture raising awareness of the importance of pension planning in a pandemic informed world.

UK and Europe are ageing rapidly. The population is set to increase to 520 million people in 2070 with 41 million fewer people working 50 years from now. Additionally, the effects of the 2020 global pandemic are likely to reverberate around the global economy threatening longer-term repercussions such as recession, bankruptcy and rising unemployment.

Investing in the Future will shine a spotlight on the need for individuals to manage their own long-term financial security. The programme will explore key industry themes including awareness and education around pension opportunities and planning; the post pandemic response and the effects on investments and pensions; addressing the gender pension gap; how ethical investments are changing the pension landscape; the latest innovations and efficiencies driving the sector forward and how the industry is fostering diversity and inclusion to attract the next generation of talent.

Anchored by an ITN Productions Industry News presenter, the programme will combine interviews with the industry’s leading figures, news-style reports and sponsored editorial profiles. The programme will launch at the PensionsEurope Annual Conference, 9-10 June 2021. Keep an eye on our website for more updates.

For further information on or to participate in the programme, please contact: James Linden, Head Programming Director, ITN Productions Industry News, email: