PensionsEurope answer to EC consultation on the European Pillar of Social Rights

PensionsEurope welcomes that the European Commission provides an overview of the social acquis as well as of the current social policy challenges.In this respect, we would very much welcome a strong commitment at EU level to promote workplace pensions considering it already contributes to adequate benefit provision in Member States and should play an even larger role. PensionsEurope then supports policy measures aiming at increasing the access, the coverage and the attractiveness of workplace pensions.The right to be informed on future public pension benefits should be granted at EU Level, as a measure of transparency and as a way for citizens to take timely and informed decisions to cover their future needs.Particular attention should be paid to those who do not automatically have access to workplace pensions as more and more people are working as self-employed or short term working contracts. Good solutions have to be found to that regard.

At the same time we remind you that social and labour laws are an exclusive competence of the Member States. PensionsEurope thus recommends that the share of best practices between the Member States should be fostered trough for instance rejuvenating the Open Method of Coordination.

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