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PensionsEurope anwser to the EC consultation on the European Pillar of Social Rights
PensionsEurope welcomes that the European Commission provides an overview of the social acquis as well as of the current social policy challenges.In this respect, we would very much welcome a strong commitment at EU level to promote workplace pensions con ...
PensionsEurope answer to the EC consultation on Personal Pension Products
PensionsEurope response to the EC consultation on the EU macro-prudential framework
PensionsEurope response to FSB policy recommendations on systemic risk - September 2016
PensionsEurope answer to EC consultation on Net Stable Funding Ratio (NSFR)
PE response to EIOPA advice on the development of a PPP single market
PensionsEurope response to EC consultation on long-term and sustainable investment
PensionsEurope replied to the European Commission consultation on long term and sustainable investments. In its response to the consultation, PensionsEurope said that European pension funds recognise that with their long-term investment horizons, a key co ...