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PE response to the EC consultation on the NFRD Review
Joint industry letter ESG EU data register
The recent regulatory developments in the context of the EU Sustainable Finance agenda create an urgent need for publicly available ESG data as well as how to enhance their sourcing. Compliance with the new disclosure obligations introduced by the sustain ...
PensionsEurope comments to the EC on the fitness check on supervisory reporting requirements for pension funds
PensionsEurope welcomes the European Commission (EC) fitness check on supervisory reporting requirements, and we find it important that the EC continues regularly conducting them. Pension funds’ first reporting of quarterly data on assets (for the third q ...
PensionsEurope paper on Sustainable Finance
On 27 November 2018, PensionsEurope published a position paper on sustainable finance. The position paper provides feedback on the following proposals of the European Commission: A proposal for a regulation establishing a unified EU classification system ...
PensionsEurope answer to EIOPA consultation on the taxonomy of new pension data reporting requirements
On 9 October 2018, PensionsEurope answered to EIOPA consultation on the taxonomy of new pension data reporting requirements. In our answer, we thanked the ECB and EIOPA for a constructive dialogue on preparing their new pension data reporting requirements ...
PensionsEurope report on equity investments by pension funds
PensionsEurope published a report on drivers of equity investments by pension funds on 25 September 2018. It is based on a survey which PensionsEurope conducted amongst our Members in the summer 2018. The survey report supplements our comments to the CMU ...
PensionsEurope Position Paper on Brexit
PensionsEurope Press Release on Brexit
Press release - Sustainable finance steps to the forefront
PensionsEurope calls to remove withholding tax refund barriers to cross-border investment in the EU
In its paper, published on 19 April 2016, PensionsEurope provides several examples of the lack of reciprocal recognition of pension funds and the problems with the withholding tax (WHT) refund processes. PensionsEurope calls on policymakers to remove WHT ...