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EFRP position paper - Towards more funded pensions - March 2011
PensionsEurope survey on National Policy Actions - June 2013
PensionsEurope response to OECD consultation on LTI high-level principles - 24 May 2013
PensionsEurope response to EC Green Paper on long-term financing - 25 June 2013
PensionsEurope response to EIOPA discussion paper on sponsor support - October 2013
2013-07 - PensionsEurope Input IA pillar II & III - update - 2013-07-18.pdf
2013 - PensionsEurope position paper on preliminary QIS results
On 9 April 2013, EIOPA published a document providing the preliminary results of the Quantitative Impact Study (QIS) conducted end 2012. PensionsEurope welcomes the publication of preliminary results and commends the quality of the work carried out by EIO ...
2013 - PensionsEurope position paper on QIS for IORPs - February 2013
In autumn 2012 several European IORPs, supervisors and actuarial firms performed a complex Quantitative Impact Study (QIS) in order to investigate a range of possible impacts of a new solvency regime under a revised IORP Directive.   2013- PensionsEurope ...
Press release - PensionsEurope welcomes Barnier's decision to postpone new Solvency rules for IORPs
2013 - PensionsEurope Position Paper on QIS preliminary Results
  The Quantitative Impact Study (QIS) into EU plans for Solvency II-type rules contains serious shortcomings and cannot serve as the basis for new legislation.   2013- PensionsEurope Position Paper on QIS Preliminary results- final- 2013-14-05.pdf Positio ...