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Press release - PensionsEurope publishes position paper on the Pan-European Personal Pension Product (PEPP)
PensionsEurope response to EC consultation on investor duty
press release - EIOPA draws too strong conclusions from the IORP Stress Test
Press release - Romania should stay the course – funded private pensions the key to sustainable future
PensionsEurope answer to consultation on EIOPA's information requests from pension funds
PensionsEurope answer to ECB consultation on statistical reporting requirements for pension funds
PensionsEurope answer to ECB consultation- general comments PensionsEurope answer to ECB consultation- specific comments Responses ...
PensionsEurope response to questionnaire on Interim Report High-Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance
PensinosEurope answer to the call for evidence on EU regulatory framework for financial services
PensionsEurope response to Delegated Act on Benchmarks
Press release - PensionsEurope shares the aim to have better information on occupational pensions in Europe