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Press release - PensionsEurope published position paper on EIOPA consultation for furter work on solvency for IORPs
Press release - Bulgarian developments pension reform
Press release - PensionsEurope welcomes the extension of the clearing obligation exemption for pension funds
2012-04 - EFRP - Response to ESMA consultation.pdf
2012-07 - EFRP - QIS consultation response .pdf
2013 - PensionsEurope response to EC consultation on consumer protection in third-pillar retirement products - 17 06 2013.pdf
2013-06 - PensionsEurope response to EC Green Paper on long-term financing.pdf
2013-07 - PensionsEurope response to EC consultation on consumer protection.pdf
2013-07 - PensionsEurope response to the ESFS consultation.pdf
2013-08 - PensionsEurope response to EIOPA consultation on personal pensions.pdf